India would greedily grab the unenviable ‘largest population’ status in the world in a few decades with a staggering present population of 1.24 billion. The annual death toll reaches a mind-boggling figure of 9.861 million a year. A silent Tsunami torments Indians in the form of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which takes nearly 5 million and more precious lives every year. The NCDs are the deadliest Nuke ever, Made in India, Delivered in India, mercilessly dropped by India on its own soil with the usual pride of ignorance, indifference and incapacity to contain NCDs. The statistics are alarming and the consequences would be devastating. The agony and anguish of an avoidable tragedy of just not mere morbidity but premature mortality through the NCDs which arrive in different parts of the country marching menacingly towards its victims, invited only by the victims themselves through their lifestyle behaviours. The NCDs are preventable, within the human capacities to transform lifestyles to increase the quantity and quality of life. This would be the first course of its kind in the country addressing Fitness and Lifestyle Modification who would be the warriors of the NCDs, the diseases of Inactivity.

Theory Core Subjects, English Language and Practicals

Bsc Fitness & Lifestyle Modification

Papers covered

Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Physiology,  Fitness Assessment, Nutrition, Lifestyle Modification, Yoga, Kalari, Psychology, Fitness for Women, Children and Elderly etc.


Exercise Physiology, Fitness Assessment, Yoga, Dance for Fitness and Lifestyle Modification.

Eligibility : +2 (Science Group)

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