The Fellowship in Sports Medicine and Sports Rehabilitation would be the first one in the country for the MBBS graduates.


The Success of the Indian athletes and teams, in International Competitions would become a satisfying and satiating reality only when the medical community desires to assist. The pride of every Indian is at stake when Indian teams compete. The International competitions and their humiliating results are a reflection of the health of the nation at the highest end of the ‘Spectrum of Health’. Only the evolution of Sports Medicine can transform India as a powerful nation to restore the pride, and rewrite and redefine the History of World Sports.

Sports Medicine deals with people who make it happen in Sports. Fitness Medicine deals with people who watch it happen. When the experts who pass this fellowship and serve the community many may wonder what happened.

The Main objective of this Fellowship is to effectively generate ample knowledge, and provide optimal clinical experience for an MBBS graduate in a multifaceted specialty as Sports Medicine. It is essential that the Sports Physician work with the Sports Medicine Team with the specialization as Sports Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Sports Podiatry, and Sports Pharmacology. In the absence of any of the above specialist it would be the onus of the Sports Physician to fill in their role. The word ‘Sports’ would include Competitive and Recreational Sports, Dance, Martial Arts and Sports for the Differentially Abled. The Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of the Sports Injuries and the Rehabilitation of the athletes to return at the earliest to competition without causing a re-injury and with a performance surpassing the one prior to injury are the constant alluring confrontations for the Sports Physician. This, persistent and perpetual demand, on the Sports Physician makes the specialty of Sports Medicine and Sports Rehabilitation challenging and absolutely fascinating.

Duration Of The Course

The duration of the course would be 2 Years.

Eligibility For Admission

Any MBBS graduate from a recognised university by the MCI with the keen interest in Sports Medicine


The Fellow is expected to complete a minimum of 85% of attendance in theory and 100% in practicals to be eligible to give the exams at the end of the 2 years. Those who fail to fulfil this requirement should complete the attendance required before the subsequent examination as prescribed by the University

Break Of Study

The break of study of less than 90 days can be condoned by the Course Director and the Break of Study for the period of more than 90 days and less than 1 year can be condoned by the University authorities.

Selection Of Candidates

The candidates for the Fellowship would be selected by the Authorised Institution on their own.


There are 9 Theory Papers and 4 Practical in the syllabus

Please note: This course is currently not available. For further information call +919566104070